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of the panhandle of oklahoma and texas and a little bit of kansas, colorado and new mexico, that was the epicenter of this nationwide drought, the epicenter of the dust bowl was this area of the worst man made ecological disaster in american history. you say wait, man made. a decade long apocalypse that not only killed your crops and moved more dirt in one day than the excavation of the panama canal and dumped dirt in chicago and stro and detroit. franklin roosevelt had oklahoma on his finger tips in the oval office. and then you started to realize who is still alive to tell this story? you needed to find the critical mass of people. we did that to find a group of people who were children and teenagers at the time who would suffer through this ten-year apocalypse. amazingly enough i think all of us after two storms we leave and get our children out of there. some stayed and figured out where that stubborn american streak of perseverance and grit and said we're going to make this happen and they learned new techniques and the government helped them out and low and behold the weather got a little le
: inquiry of the chair, mr. president. the presiding officer: the senator oklahoma. mr. coburn: it was my understanding that we were going to have ordered votes tomorrow rather than evenin this evening. i would ask through the chair the chairman of the committee that -- the presiding officer: the senator from maryland. ms. mikulski: replying to the gentleman from oklahoma's request, for those amendments for which we know we've cleared on both sides of the aisle that we can do by voice votes or by consent we're going to get those done this evening. does the senator have an objection to that? mr. coburn: well, i would on this particular -- i think we ought to have a recorded vote on this. that would be my request. ms. mikulski: so, senator cardin's amendment 3393 will be voted on tomorrow. mr. tester: mr. president? the presiding officer: the senator from montana. mr. tester: i ask consent to call up my amendment. the presiding officer: the clerk will report. the clerk: mr. tester proposes amendment numbered 3350. mr. tester: mr. president, senator udall of colorado and i will offer this am
put it out, because there's no way i know where the stoplight ought to be in oklahoma. there's no way i know what the number one priority is. and so when this same thing happened in the senate not long after i came to the senate, i directed all the money that was transferred to me -- i think this it was $80 million -- to go to the state department of transportation director who is from oklahoma, who has the responsibility of making the priorities and working with the oklahoma legislature. but it is interesting, other than the interstate system and the areas where we truly have commerce, local roads in oklahoma, local bridges in oklahoma, how'd we ever get it to where the federal government was deciding what our priorities were going to be in those areas? i mean, that's a real, that's a great example of how we've transferred power from citizens to washington, and we consume a portion of it and then come back, but then we'll tell you where you'll spend the money rather than the citizens of the state of oklahoma. deciding where their tax money will be spent. so, again, and i would tell y
. the music is playing all over the radio and it certainly gets you into the spirit. and, in fact, oklahoma will get into the christmas spirit when you wake up to a bunch of snow on the ground tomorrow morning. there is the chance we could end up with some areas in oklahoma and northern arkansas picking up five to six inches of snow. it hasn't snowed on christmas day in little rock, arkansas, since 1926. so certainly a nice thing for the kids to wake up to tomorrow morning. the storm is actually still out here. we are in the meantime though seeing some rain showers, heavy at times, moving into western north carolina. this will continue to affect the east coast and then eventually move out over the water. but, again, that bigger storm system still bringing snow and rain to the west coast. mountain snow has been brutal with about five feet of snow reported in the mountains of california. that is the area of low pressure that is slowly going to trek eastward and then eventually bring snow to the area in oklahoma and arkansas and even winster storm watches posted across southeastern missouri up
. right now georgia is up 28-25. i'll have highlights later in this newscast. >> 11th ranked oklahoma taking on the horned frogs frogs of tc. landry jones finds williams out of the backfield. score. 7-0 sooners. in the third, williams on the ground. finds an opening. see ya. 66-yard touchdown run. he had 154 total yards. oklahoma up 21-7. tcu made at it game. had a chance to tie late in regulation but it's incomplete. oklahoma hangs on to win, 417, and clinks at least a share of the big twelve title. >> oklahoma state pumped up for their game against baylor but barrel came -- baylor came to play. reese wins the race. bears ahead 24-3. fourth quarter. baylor up 34-27. then pulls his hamstring but able to stumble into the end zone. 76-yard touchdown run. baylor upasset kansas state last week, oklahoma state this week, 31-4 34 the final. >> 49ers will but heads with he rams tomorrow. can colinkx1ñ ñ >> mike: 49ers on the road facing the st. louis rams. this game also started the quarterback controversy. alex smith was knocked out due to a a concussion and hasn't been back since. cap
. the oklahoma highway patrol says westbound interstate 40 was temporarily shut down for two miles in a suburb of oklahoma city this morning. they say freezing rain is probably to blame for a chain reaction crash involving 20 vehicles. you see it there. including three big rigs. alexandra steele is the storm. >> take a look at this. severe weather is just beginning to ramp up today. we're looking at a whole day with severe weather. tornado watches you can see. look at this. i-10 right along the gulf coast, houston to new orleans. and this is just really the beginning of it. we're looking at incredibly severe weather. tornado watches and tornado warnings. tornado warnings meaning these storms have produced rotation and have been detected. you can see right there. so right now it's eastern texas moving into louisiana. kind of to give you a perspective, south of i-20 here is tyler, texas. here's shreveport, louisiana. all of these moving northeast and this is just the beginning of really what could be an inundation of severe weather today and really a rash of tornadoes which is really quite rare
storm, but it is enough to cause you travel concerns starting now in areas of north texas, oklahoma. and eventually here through missouri. also into indiana and illinois, especially the southern portions of those states. right now the winter radar warm enough that it's just rain in oklahoma city. throughout dallas, ft. worth, the ozarks, missouri. warm enough primary for rain. the white is starting to show up as snow. if you're traveling in kansas this morning, that will probably be the worst of it. as far as snow accumulations go, we're talking not a big blockbuster event. one to three inches in wichita, southern indiana, southern illinois. again, a coating of snow during the day today. tonight through the new year's. and temperatures are very cold this morning, too. especially up here, negative numbers in north dakota and minnesota. a little nippy in new england, too. that's a look at your national forecast. now here's a look at weather outside your window. as far as snow accumulations, again, kansas city to st. louis, only a couple inches. maybe two at most. now, temperatures are
that's going to move into the oklahoma area as we go into christmas day. it is still far away. but the area of low pressure is going to track eastward. and eventually we are going to see that snow take hold in oklahoma, in arkansas, in little rock, arkansas, there hasn't been snow on christmas day since 1926. here you see all the winter storm watches and advisories even across the panhandle of texas where that area could end up seeing in spots perhaps more than six inches of snowfall, certainly an area you don't expect to see the snow. the northeast could see a dusting as we go into tonight and tomorrow morning. then it should fade away as we go into christmas afternoon. that's a look at the weather across the country. now here's a peek at the weather out your window. in new york city today, 39, partly cloudy. other areas across the east coast do look mostly quiet unless you're heading down into the carolinas. charlotte, north carolina, today about 51 degrees. orlando, florida, about 73. and that is your latest forecast. veronica? >> just a dusting, not a white christmas, just
seat after the shooting in tucson. at the bottom of the hour, former republican governor of oklahoma frank keating. first right to john berman with an update on other stories making news. >>> new dramatic developments a reporter and his crew held for five days in syria now free unharmed. nbc saying its chief foreign correspondent richard engel is safe, unharmed and out of the country. moments ago he detailed his harrowing escape on nbc's "today" show. >> at the end of this we were being moved to yet another location around 11:00 last night local time and as we were moving along the road the kiz ndnapper came across a rebel checkpoint, something they didn't expect and we were in a mini van and as we were driving along the road the kidnappers saw the checkpoint, started a gunfight, two of the kidnappers were killed, we climbed out of the vehicle and the rebels took us, we spent the night with them, we didn't get much sleep. >> we are so glad they're all safe. engel says his kidnappers were government militia called the shabihat trained by iran's revolutionary guard, with hezbollah. syr
and the cold air clashing. the cold air is plummeting toward the south. in oklahoma you'll see the heaviest of snowfall. that will be 50 centimeters, which is quite rare for this time of year. 19 degrees. houston looking at 24 degrees. just above that oklahoma city you're looking at minus 2 for your high. let me first show you a video from the ukraine. a cold snap has claimed the lives of 83 people and hundreds of others have suffering from frostbite. temperatures have been freezing over the last nine days. those suffering from extreme cold be get some relief. temperatures are expected to get back to normal. in moscow things are going to still be cold. we'll take a look at those temperatures later. this system is going to be very action one moving across denmark. the ongoing heavy rain could continue. temperature wise london at 9 degrees. we can get moscow minus 9. frigid, biting cold. now your extended forecast. >>> one more story before owe leave you. defense officials in the u.s. and canada are keeping a close watch over the skies today. they have begun their good will mission of trackin
. >>> kevin durant and the oklahoma city thunder, the league's hottest team, and here's the shot of the day. hangs on the top of the backboard and drops in. takes a couple of bounces, doink, doink, and then plop! goes right in. but the t-wolves had it going tonight of the minnesota, the upset. they snap oklahoma's 12-game win streak, 99-93. the thunder drop to 21-5, still the best record in the nba. >>> a 3-time olympian turned high-priced call girl. suzie favor hamilton admitted she has been working as a las vegas escort over the past year, leading a double life. wife, mother, real estate professional while at home, $600 per hour escort while away in las vegas, la, and other cities. she says she could earn up to $6,000 a day as an escort. she takes full responsibility for her actions. >>> and michael phelps is named the associated president athlete of the year. lebron james had 37 votes. it's the second time phelps has been honored as the ap male athlete of the year. the only men to make it more than twice are tiger woods, lance armstrong, and michael jordan. so phelps, pretty good company
the great plains where some places could see several inches of sleet and snow. in tulsa, oklahoma, a city i love by the way, city officials there are getting the plows and sand ready. in the south residents could see a record-setting day of christmas tornadoes. rick weymouth is live in the fox extreme weather center. tornadoes? >> tornadoes on christmas day. a lot of people across the south need to watch this. a complex storm will affect us for the next three days. cold aerosol eu air air solidly in police. it's 3 degrees in denver for christmas morning. it's so warm across parts of the south once you get to the gulf we have severe weather concerns. one tornado box will expire at 1:00 over new orleans. there is another batch that are going to begin to pull in towards the houston area and this tornado watch box in effect until 4:00. you'll get a little brit o bit of a break in these storms. and then potentially looking at large, destructive tornadoes. that's why we are concerned about. look at this temperature right here, 9 degrees in omaha, 24 in oklahoma city. the temps plumb it behind the
power lines. icy roads caused a 21-vehicle pile-up in oklahoma, and more than 500 flights were canceled nationwide. edward lawrence is in washington. edward, good morning. >> reporter: these were vicious, fast-moving storms that ripped across the south. in addition to the deaths, the work crews in the south are working to restore the power in at least five states because of the tornadoes and the blizzard conditions in the midwest. >> reporter: a christmas day tornado tore three mobile, alabama. >> there it is. >> joe michael love pulled out his cell phone to record the twister while miles away it destroyed a church and homes and his son's high school. >> the van is almost destroyed. the fieldhouse is gone. just all the portable buildings for classrooms are gone. >> reporter: here in houston, texas, the tornado destroyed some buildings and tore down power lines. francis lowe and her husband couldn't get away in time. >> we tried to leave at first but could't because the truck was off the ground, and it wouldn't go. finally, it touched the ground, and we took off. >> reporter: damage from
, oklahoma, alabama and arkansas. but that's not the only threat. tornadoes are a big concern along the gulf coast as the storm now moves to the north and east, threatening holiday travel. we have two reports tonight from those who cover it best, our friends at the weather channel. we begin with meteorologist jim cantore in hattiesburg, mississippi. >> reporter: this tornado outbreak is far from over. we've already had damage with injuries off to my south. and we are just under way with this multifaceted storm. there's no reason why birmingham and atlanta will not deal with severe thunderstorms. travel not recommended, arkansas all the way up into kentucky, southern illinois, missouri. that's where the blizzard conditions, nine states right now under blizzard conditions. on wednesday, our severe weather threat shifts over to the carolinas as the snow shifts up to the great lakes, in northern pennsylvania and new york. wednesday night, the low starts to redevelop on the coast pulling the cold air in but not enough to create a major snow event for the northeast i-95 cities. so we should be doi
the oklahoma taxpayer dollars? this fellow brought us this image. your member this? the shrimp on on the treadmill. does anyone have? @%e national science foundation studying the effects on disease. they decided to do this, and they spend 500,000 taxpayer dollars doing this study. if you can get scientists to waste money, the senator is back with another study. this time uncovering waste of the department of homeland security. and there was plenty of it. first, zombies apocalypse training. i know, crazy. part of our homeland response. they were betrayed by actors who were gunned down by a military unit. training occurred at a weeklong conference held at turner's point resort and spa. the cost worth the bargain of a thousand dollars. now we know how to protect ourselves from zombies. then there is columbus, ohio. an underwater robot. christ had a $98,000. the robot has a camera that provides a video this way to a vehicle on shore. i but i have to tell you that i don't know why, because columbus, ohio, the capital of ohio is wehrmacht. great lakes are up here. officials declared
over 34,400 homes. drought and wildfires cost the state of oklahoma more than $400 million this year alone according to a report that's just been produced by the oklahoma state university. that includes crops and livestock, property loss from wildfires and emergency costs. i have heard so many times from my friend, the distinguished ranking member from kansas, about what has happened in kansas and have had the opportunity to be there, to hear from people directly in kansas. my staff has walked in the fields to see that there's nothing there because of the droughts and what this means. this year represented the worst drought since 1956. that's a disaster. that's a disaster. the height of the drought this summer, over 80% of the contiguous united states experienced drought conditions. 80%. we still have 11 states with exceptional drought conditions and 17 states with severe drought conditions. 17 states across the country, in the northeast, the midwest, the south, the great plains, the southwest and on the west coast, every region except the pacific northwest are suffering from long-te
>>> dreaming of a white christmas in oklahoma. we have the snowy forecast for some that rarely see the white stuff this time of year. >> wheel of misfortune. imagine one woman's disbelief after correctly solving a puzzle but not winning because she mispronounced a word or did she? she is speaking out about what happened in an exclusive interview today, sunday, december 23rd, 2012. >>> and welcome to "today" on this sunday m i'm erica hill. >> i'm lester holt. she dropped her "g." seven swams a swimming was her answer. she said seven swans a swimmin'. >> it may be okay from you but apparently not from the judges. >> we are going to hear from renee a little bit later. in solidarity, we will drop our "g"s for the rest of the broadcast. >>> we will talk a little holiday shopping. you told us you hadn't really started yet. your focus is on tomorrow to do all your shopping. i was flipping through the papers. i have good ideas. i am in good shape. >> you are not alone >>> the great holiday getaway continues. lots of people heading out to get home for the holidays. we have a preview of what's in sto
here in oklahoma and in arkansas, and when you're looking back at the records some of the places highlighted in pink are going to see a white christmas and a snowfall going through christmas night. that hasn't happened in 80 years. what else is unusual. blizzard warnings. pop up in areas across arkansas as well as lower sections of illinois and kentucky, including paducah so this storm will really energize later on tonight, and right now though it's a wintry mix of snow and freezing rain through oklahoma city and dangerous thunderstorms with reports of pea-sized hail and you can see the lightning strikes popping up across dallas, texas into she haveport and all this energy sliding northeast. a lot of moisture coming up from the gulf that's just enhancing it. what does that mean for today? we don't have a tornado watch yet, but i anticipate we'll see one for this afternoon, especially for the areas highlighted in the brighter orange color. good risk for a moderate risk for the risk of tornadoes, hail and possible damaging winds. some of these winds could get up to 50 miles per hou
, damaging winds and also some severe thunderstorms in store there. across oklahoma, this is where you'll see the heaviest snow for your christmas day, on the order of about 50 centimetres. also to the west, we have a pacific system moving in bringing some stormy weather into california as well. temperaturewise, we're looking at oklahoma city just minus 2. los angeles, 19 on your holiday. i'll leave you with the extended forecast. >>> that's all for this edition of "newsline." i'm catherine kobayashi in tokyo. thank you for joining us.
. as we look over towards americas, severe weather has erupted across oklahoma and moving over to the lower mississippi river valley. we have this cold front attached to it. all this area actually across louisiana has been seeing tornado warnings. frequent lightning, even damaging hail coming out of this. then towards the north we have heavy snowfall likely across the central plains and into the great lakes regions. you're under a winter storm warnings at this time. a big problem across this area on christmas day, you have fewer snowplows on the road. it's going to create dangerous travel conditions. as the snow pulls across the northeast, new york, heavy rainfall, gusty winds, into the appalachians and even into new york state we'll see the risk of freezing rain. widespread power outages very well could be possibly on wednesday going into thursday. in the pacific northwest, storm activity moving in there. heavy snowfall into higher elevations, 30 centimeters, but the temperatures are cooling off in theidwest. winnipeg minus 22, chicago only 1 for your high. houston and oklahom
side of the system, both good news and bad news, we may see a very white christmas in parts of oklahoma, arkansas, and missouri. but on wednesday it moves to the ohio valley, great lakes, and interior portions of the northeast with over a foot of snow and wind gusts. obviously this is a very big travel week. i'm meteorologist jeff beardelli for cbs news in miami. >>> now, to the debate over gun control. the national rifle association says the best way to prevent school shootings like the one in newtown, connecticut, is to put an armed police officer in every school. tara mergener's in washington with more. tara, good morning. >> good morning, duarte. the nra says guns and police will help stop the next killer already waiting in the wings. it's a controversial idea in the middle of an already emotional and heated debate now raging across the country. hundreds of protesters march aid cross the brooklyn bridge asking for new gun control laws and there was a demonstration outside a gun shop. >> to allow these guns for no other purpose than to murder and slaughter innocent people and childre
in the nba since 2008. oklahoma city steals one from dallas. darren collison is an off-balance buzzer to tie the game. and in overtime it's all thunder. oklahoma wins 111-105. >>> miami heat star dwyane wade will miss his team's next game. the nba suspended dwyane wade without pay for one game for kicking ramon sessions in the groin. this happened during wednesday's game. wade will sit out miami's game against detroit tonight. >>> in college football, duke and cincinnati duked it out. cincinnati's player gets open and scores on an 83-yard pass. that denies duke their first goal victory. that's more than 50 years. 98 hch-34. >>> and finally even the unusually talkative coach rex ryan seems stunned by this. mark sanchez will be taking the snap. sanchez was benched in favor of mcelroy last week, but it turns out mcelroy sustained a concussion. he hid the symptoms from trainers until thursday. that also means once again tim tebow will once again be on the bench. >>> and when we return, another look at this morning's top stories and dairy dilemma. families could see the milk prices skyrocket if c
new mexico, north texas, panhandle of oklahoma across kansas, missouri, southern indiana and illinois this is where light snow is heading your way. winter weather advisory means slippery travel but not a blockbuster event and cancel your events. travel with care especially northern, the panhandle of oklahoma, up through kansas this morning the snow is breaking out shown here in white. we'll be watching missouri. traveling interstate 70 during the morning hours. that's where you'll deal with snowy weather and this will continue through much of the day. we just changed over to snow in joplin. interstate 44 right now mostly rain but we'll watch interstate 70 later today. that's a troublesome drive and a major thoroughfare. one to three inches from indianapolis to st. louis to kansas city to wichita including areas around topeka, kansas. other areas of the country won't see much snow. very cold. northern new england very cold. boston is at 22. maine is in the single digits with negative numbers in the northern plains. very cold out there today. minneapolis, fargo, duluth, and that cold a
week of the winter season. in white winter advisories. texas, panhandle of oklahoma, southern indiana and illinois this is where light snow is heading your way. winter weather advisory usually means you'll have slippery travel but not like a blockbuster event. so just travel with care especially northern texas, panhandle of oklahoma up through kansas this morning the snow is breaking out shown here in white. we'll be watching missouri traveling interstate 70 during the morning hours. that's where you deal with snowy weather and this will continue through much of the day. we just changed over to snow in joplin. interstate 44 right now mostly rain but we'll watch interstate 70 later today. that could be a troublesome drive and a major thoroughfare through the middle of the heartland. this is not a big huge event. one to three inches from indianapolis to st. louis to kansas city to wichita including areas around topeka kansas. other areas of the country won't see much snow today. very cold, though. northern new england very cold. boston is at 22. maine in the single digits with negative
forecast. parts of oklahoma picking up 3 to 6 inches of snow. from arkansas all the way up into northern naernd, we could see 3 to 6 inches of snow. the purple is an area of buffalo into cleveland, we could end up seeing a foot of snow. we're really talking about everything with this big storm system. >> we'll keep our fingers crossed. thank you, dillon. folks outside the upstate new york city of rochester are still in shock in morning after a twisted holiday tragedy that will left two firefighters dead and two others hospitalized christmas eve. chris pallone has this one. >> reporter: a sleepy vacation community northeast of rochester, new york, is in shock after a gunman lured firefighters to a neighborhood and shot them. investigators in webster, new york, say four firpths responded to reports of a house and car on fire around 5:30 monday morning. two in a fire truck, two others in their own cars. >> it appears that it was a trap, that there was a car and a house that were engulfed in flame. >> one of the men was able to retreat to safety after being s.w.a.t. a s.w.a.t. team in an arm
there's the snowy side on the back side of this. oklahoma city, you can see maybe two to four inches. we thought originally yesterday there would be a little more, but it began as ice. that's the biggest problem through oklahoma city, the nice that's kind of laying the groundwork. but look what happens from today, tonight, and then into tomorrow. this is not just a one-day affair. we're going to see this play out through tomorrow and tomorrow night. look at this, blizzard warnings, paducah, 8 to 12 inches of snow. and then cincinnati to cleveland, five to nine inches. and then in western new york, how about rochester and syracuse. a foot of snow-plus developing. tornadoes are very rare in florida and georgia. only in 2006 was the last time we had six tornadoes. so it's incredibly rare. snow in oklahoma city, only 6 of the last 122 years have had snow there. it's certainly substantial. we'll have more weather coverage throughout the day but first "gps tough decisions" starts right now. >>> the great french writer albert cameau said life is a sum of all your choices. we're all d
are enduring freezing rain, and mark has more on that. >> reporter: a massive crash in oklahoma shutting down all traffic. 21 vehicles piled up and blizzard conditions blanketed much of the area. lubbock texas needed to be cleared. >> it is the most people traveling in six-years. >> reporter: black ice stranded drivers and one wife got a stuck car moving and wouldn't risk stopping again. >> i had to stop and that is as far as i went. >> reporter: severe weather is hitting san francisco hard. and the storms are expected to increase in strength. delivering another heavy blow to the mid-west tomorrow and ten inches to some parts of arkansas. winds at over 40 miles per hour and traveling home could be worse over the next few days. some of the storms will make travelling hazardous. >> in texas it is not snow, but tornadoes they are dealing with. you can see the damage they are dealing with. at least two potential tornadoes touchdown and one person was killed in the houston area. it could cause more problems here as people head back to work or to return presents. >> christian, we think the firgs fe
since timothy mcveigh used fertilizer to kill men, women and children in oklahoma city, restricting firearms will not make children safer but many lawmakers are skeptical about the nra plan. >> we have armed officers in many schools in washington, d.c. we have armed officers in schools. and some of that is appropriate and perhaps we can do more. it actually doesn't cost $8 billion. we have 130,000 elementary and secondary schools in the country. if you had two officers in each, that would cost $25 billion. where is that money going to come from? >> friday. nra c.e.o. said the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. he explained parents will feel safer dropping kids off at school after the holidays if there's an armed police officer standing guard over their child's classroom. >> lots of folks on both sides of this. peter, thank you so much. >>> in the meantime, rasmussen reports asked voters what they thought of limiting all firearms to just police and military use banning them for civilians. look at this. 63% opposed a ban. 23% of voters supported it, 1
. causing a 21-vehicle pileup in oklahoma city. and the system is heading east, bringing with it treacherous conditions on the day after christmas, often a busy travel day. enough of a threat for some in cleveland to stock up on supplies. >> ready to go. >> i decided to get what we needed and go home. >> reporter: the storms are blamed for at least three deaths in texas, louisiana and oklahoma. live in new york, wendy gillette, abc news. muhammad and brandi, back to you. >> thanks, wendy. >>> here's a look ahead at the nation's weather. winter watches and warnings are in effect for almost half of the country. the northeast could see a rain/snow mix for the evening commute before it turns all winter rain. wet from san francisco all the way to seattle. >> it is extremely cold in the middle of the nation. dallas is 38 degrees instead of the usual 55. minneapolis doesn't even get out of the teens. in the meantime, honolulu and miami, you're in the 80s. but there could be rain in both of those cities. chicago, detroit and indianapolis are in the 30s. >>> to our other top story this morning. presi
of southern missouri, arkansas, and also southeastern oklahoma. as far as watches and warnings go, blizzard warnings from northwestern kansas all the way to near milwaukee and southern wisconsin. some of the snow is going to try to get into chicago by tonight and going into friday morning. in fact, we're calling for up to 12 inches of additional snow through central iowa right into central and southern portions of wisconsin. some areas could see well over 12 inches. for chicago there's a possibility of at least two or three inches of snow, and there might be even a little bit more than that. i'm david bernard for cbs news, miami. >>> forecasters warn of whiteout conditions in parts of nebraska this morning. high winds and heavy drifting snow may make travel impossible, but the rough weather didn't stop some diehard basketball fans from going to last night's game at creighton university in omaha. >> for those of us who are the adventurous type, the creighton game was a perfect out, to get out and go messing around a little bit instead of sitting in the house. it's -- we need the moisture. i'
the report on the holiday weather. >>reporter: it was not the merriest start to christmas day in oklahoma. more than 20 vehicles mangled in a massive pileup that shut down interstate 40 west near oklahoma city. at least 10 people were taken to local homents. authorities say freezing rain made for treacherous travel. the same dangerous system spawned two possible tornadoes in texas, one person died when a tree fell on his car. all of these storms moving east/northeast and will continue to push eastward and take the severity with them. so big picture today for tornadoes, really, the propensity for quite a serious tornado outbreak, damaging winds, 60 to 80 miles per hour with straight line winds and even some hail. in some areas there could also be significant snowfall. so forget the eggnog and cookies. across much of the country, this year's holiday supplies include shovels, ice melts and severe weather radios. in springfield, missouri, it's a working christmas for the department of public works. crews say they're ready for whatever comes their way. >> on christmas night there's a lot of pe
of staff to governor bob mcdonnell. dennis northrup, came from state of oklahoma. where she is chief of staff to governor mary fallin. and at the end, roxane white is joining us from the great state of colorado where she's chief of staff to governor john hickenlooper. and so, their full bios are in the pam threats that are on your table. they're all very accomplished professionals in their careers. i'm going to ask roxane to start. we can come down this way. >> great. well, first, thank you for the report. i think that it provides a good framework for all of us as states to continue to look at the challenges facing us. we have been engaged in pension reform in colorado. our pension fund is about 69% solvent. we did major reform in the last administration, and we are now in court trying to defend that reform. our pension costs by 2020 will go to 22%, and so to give you a sense of how far behind we were as a state, if we lose in court and the battle is whether or not we as a state have a right to ratchet down the c.o.l.a.s for our state employees, then we could see a need to go to 25%
supplemental bill that only includes prioritized disaster aid funding. i and my colleague from oklahoma, senator coburn, have been examining this bill over the last few days, and i will tell my colleagues, we've not gotten all the way through it; we haven't identified a lot of the -- of these spending bills, what they're for and where they came from. the appropriators and their staff, i always admire, they've turned it into an art form, and our ability to ferret out some of these appropriationppropriats required a great deal of hard work earchth. -- hard work and effort. so we have billions to replace "federal assets" damaged by the storm, including automobiles owned by the federal government. the federal government currently owns or leases over 630,000 vehicles. you think we could find replacements within our current inventory? shouldn't we focus on providing relief to those trying to rebuild their lives before replace being a bureaucrat's car. $2 million to repair damage to the roofs of museums in washington, d.c., while many in hurricane sandy' sandy's path sl have no roof over their
of us. look at this picture out of oklahoma city. at least 20 vehicles have been involved in an accident. freezing rain likely to blame for the pile-up according to the oklahoma highway patrol. i-40 west, shut down for at least two miles. winter storm have been issued in arkansas, oklahoma and parts of the south could see tornados. if you are heading to the airport, you're urged to call ahead to make sure your flight has not been cancelled or delayed. bonnie schneider joins us now. hopefully, bonnie, most people, well, most people are where they expected to be this christmas day. >> i hope so. because if they're traveling across the south, dangerous weather is erupting rights now. we have a tornado watch that's in effect until 1:00 p.m. central time for much of southern louisiana. this includes baton rouge, hammond, new orleans,i nickel-sized hail across texas. look at the frequent lightning hammering the dallas area right now. you're seeing that sweeping across mississippi and into jackson and this is a very dangerous situation for travel, not just in terms of damages areas where we're
a 10,000 dollar difference between mississippi or oklahoma and what people make there. right to work for less really basically means you can have a free rider. in other words, if there is a union shop, somebody can opt out and not pay anything. but enjoy all of the benefits the union brings the good wages, the grievance procedure. if they get into trouble, get fired, you can ask to represent -- the union has to represent them for free. it's so wrong. basically, it creates free riders. everybody knows eventually, that will erode the power of unions if we have nobody in the union. human nature is going to be, i will ride along here i will take everything for free and take all of the benefits and pay nothing. so what we have got to do its to -- and it's worked tremendously well for 70 years in michigan seventy years going back to the sit-down strikes. auvenldz this happens. this is an outrage, but that's what they call right to work for less is. in oklahoma, they keep talking about oklahoma. there was a story yesterday on npr that says they are down 30% or
got off to a rough start in oklahoma, more than 20 weeks were involved in an early morning accident that shut down interstate 40 joust outside oklahoma city. texas got a double dose of bad weather, a 25-year-old man was killed near houston after a tree fell on his pickup. snow covered the ground in long view and turned dallas into a winter wonderland and blizzard warnings stretched from arkansas to pennsylvania. turning to mobile, alabama, windows were shattered and cars tossed off streets as this tornado touched down. >> oh my god, we need to go. it's right there. >> that's scary. several buildings damaged and several car accidents were blamed on the storm but no reports of serious injuries. emergency management officials tell cnn power has been restored to many customers, just over 7,000 in the dark, down from 23,000 last night. we head to mobile, christina leavenworth of w.e.a.r. in just about an hour weather officials will assess damage. christina, what are you hearing so far? >> reporter: good morning, carol. we are seeing a lot of damage here and it's widespread. the national
in other part of the country. >> it was not the merriest start to christmas day in oklahoma. more than 20 vehicles mangled in a massive pile up that shut down interstate 40 west near oklahoma city. at least ten people were taken to local hospitals. authorities is a freezing rain made for treacherous travel. it also spawned two possible tornadoes in texas. one person died when a tree fell on his car. >> all of these storms moving east northeast and will continue to push east and take their severity with them. big picture for tornadoes, really quite a serious tornado outbreak. dama80 miles per hour with straight line winds and hail. >> in some areas there could also be significant snow fall. forget the eggnog and cookies. this years holidays supplies include shovels, and severe weather radios. it's a working christmas for the department of public works. crews say they're ready for whatever comes their way. >> there's a lot of people traveling and then they have to get home at some point. >> as this white christmas mess pushes onward, millions more are in its path. plans for the latter half
coming up. >> he'll break it down for us. and round two of snow for folks in oklahoma. how residents are handling the conditions there. that's when 11 news saturday morning continues. discover card. how can i help you? oh, uh-uh. you're real? you know i'm real! with our new card, we're always here to talk. well that's good, 'cause i don't have time for machines. some companies just don't appreciate the power of conversation! real people. mm-hmm. it's like i'm calling the land of machines! and with that robot voice! oh, i don't like those machines. oh! now, how can i help you? oh...(laughs) i don't even remember. at discover, we treat you like you'd treat you. talk to a real person. get the new it card at discover.com. >>> welcome back to 11 news saturday morning. thanks for joining us. >> we are closely monitoring the snow situation. seems like it is starting later than we thought, right? >> yeah. there's a separation that you can see on radar right now that's showing that there's some snow that has started to fall that's moving out. there's going to be this break. on the back end th
ncaa national championship. >>> 12th-ranked oklahoma and bob stoops visited tcu. that sooner sensation damien william's second touchdown of the game. oklahoma beats the hornfrogs and sooners became texas longhorn fans because if the hong lorns could beat collin klein and the wildcats oklahoma would own the title outright. but tonight collin klein and kc state beats texas. >>> 75-yard touchdown for baylor and bears led at halftime. baylor also has a supersophomore, his name is lache, seastrunk, lache seastrunk is for real. he pull a happy running here, but still scores the 76-yard touchdown. baylor upsets 23 rd-rank ok state. >>> the beavers hosted nicholls state, a make-up game. markus wheaton with 12 catches. setting the oregon state career record for receptions. oregon state racks up a school record 77 points,points,77-3 is the final. speaking of de la salle, tonight james logan high show its hope for a division i title fall as fast as the rain. it rained steadily, nearly the entire game. in dublin, logan with an impressive 12-1 record. warren miles long put his head down and heads f
not know that. >> bill: december 7th they are telling me upstairs. >> thank you. >> bill: oklahoma i want to show you video here of a woman who was drunk taken into police custody the woman apparently spits at the officer interest is it is the the officer tases the woman, bing, bing, bing, she falls to the ground there is a giant lawsuit. >> she is 27 of age as you see. she is handcuffed behind her back. she has priors for being drunk, disorderly possession of cocaine paraphernalia. that type of thing. this is something that they were trying to deal with someone who was unruly. does it justify doing a tasinging situation, no. because this particular officer has used his taser and excessive force more than all other officers in that police department. >> bill: what department is it again. >> over 40 years. this is in oklahoma. mcallister, oklahoma. >> bill: this woman, this vial woman who comes in inebriated and spits at the police may get money. >> she has priors. >> she is asking for $2 million. >> bill: the guy didn't have enough discipline, the officer, who take the spit and just charg
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